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This blog is about my journey from a small village in India to USA. I am very interested in the human behavioral patterns that are highly manipulated by their culture or values they grew up in. I believe we humans are what stories we tell. Since I am an Indian, you will see the vibrant colors and stories of mythology in my writing about my Financial, spiritual and psychological journey in this blog. I also believe that one can learn from mistakes of others and in order for us all to be happy we have to take a step to help others. So I write about my mistakes and precautions you have to take to succeed.

I write about authors, books and other storytellers who have extraordinary skill of narrating great stories through voice or books that shaped me into who I am. You can also find some of the stories that my Grandma and Dad have told during bed time along with some tips on Money saving & investing. You can read them just for fun or to know about stuff. Please let me know your feedback though.

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” – Steve Jobs

Let me know your feedback by commenting down the post. You can contact me for any queries using email: [email protected]


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