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How to avoid Home Buyer’s remorse

It is quite common to face difficulties finding the right house or dream home particularly if it is your first. You can’t get everything right or if you are buying an older house that is built more than 20 years ago or so, you might also see some issues...

Reducing your EMI for the Dream home

Buying a home, particularly your “Dream” home means a big deal to lot of us. We have to have everything perfect in it with Contemporary Kitchen, marble finishes, Five piece Master baths etc. It directly translates to paying more money for better features. But just keep in mind, your...

Factors to consider when buying a home

when I say home here, it means Primary residence where we can cherish and make memories.. And we all want to buy a home during this time as the interest rates are historic low due to pandemic. There is one advantage of this pandemic for people who want to...

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