Dangal… Dangal…..

Dangal, the word that is heard all over India today means Wrestling. It is about an athlete Geeta Phogat, who has come from a humble background to a way too far, enough to make India proud. It is also a great example of a man, Mahavir singh Phogat who didn’t treat his “Chori’s”(girls) as princesses but fit enough to fight with men equally. Currently the most discussed sport in India is wrestling, thanks to the spirits of Sushil Kumar, Narshingh Pancham Yadav, Geeta Phogat, Babita Kumari. Mahavir Singh is a man who fought against all odds to make his daughters what they are now. He had to fight the stigma that is there in the society against women. He not only fought it but also proved that women are not meant to just do the chores at home but also they can fight and win gold to India.
A book has also been written on biography of Mahavir Singh Phogat named Akhada by 
No ImageSaurabh Duggal. The man himself is a state champion in wrestling. The book contains the unwavering journey of him to his daughters the champions of the sport. It also addresses many social issues that are prevailing in the state of Haryana which has the worst sex ratio of 879 women to 1000 men which are also shown in the movie based on him. It shows that marriage is a compulsion and that to before their teens. It is like a fairy tale that unfolded by the man himself and make his daughters break the biased “social status” that was given to them. It also gave a hope to women in Haryana to dream big.
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