Some Fun Financial facts about money all over the world

Warren buffet attained most of his wealth only after he turned 65:

Warren Buffet, Taken from this website

Warren Buffet whose investing strategies are copied by most mid level investors because he is considered as the most successful investor was only worth 0.3% his current value at the age of 52. He attained most of the wealth after he turned 65. So don’t worry guys there is no set age to be successful or rich.

You must have also known about Colonel Sanders(founder of KFC):

Started selling fried chicken at the age of 60 after failing in lot of businesses and became super rich at the age of 80. So don’t worry about the milestones set by society basing on age.

Indian women in rural areas hold 11% of the total gold reserves:

Yeah, our obsession with gold has a hidden advantage, particularly in rural areas where people have no or limited access to other financial instruments to invest in(Crypto, stocks and other stuff). This exceeds the amount that IMF, USA, Germany and Switzerland holds. It gives access to quick money in case of emergencies.

Did you know why Salary is called “Sal”ary? In ancient days, salt was used as a form of payment, even soldiers were paid in salt hence the name salary.

Taken from

The Gupta’s period from 3rd to 6th century AD was called golden age:

The currency was in the form of Gold coins. There was joy and prosperity all over India. In fact, the coins were a work of art. by that time, they were already used to the Roman gold coins hence created their own set of currency in gold. They depicted king Samudra Gupta playing Veena or standing along with queen, along with those of him with bow and axe.

Quick fact:

Do you know? :
In South India the tradition of Kasu mala(or Kasula Peru) started just before Gupta’s era. South India excelled in the trade of super soft cotton clothes which are bought extensively by Romans who paid in Gold coins. So the South Indians started making Necklaces out of these coins. Later when the trade reduced, they started mimicking the coins with Indian gods and goddesses.

Apple’s market cap is higher than entire BSE 500 companies:

Apple market’s cap is more than 164 lakh crores in 2020 which is higher than entire BSE 500 companies. They have almost doubled in the value from $212 to $500.

Money is Dirty:

I know!! We must have all heard this atleast 100 times in our lives though we cannot survive without it. That being said, it is literally dirty. It can have as many germs as it is on the toilet seat. So now you know Digitalization of money helps not only avoid black money but also dirty money, huh!

Also it is a good seg-way into my next fact

Only 8% of the total world currency is actual physical money:

Yes, most of the currency(at least the known white money) is digitalized. The physical bills or coins that are traded currently only makes for 8% of it. We all know how good and easy it is to use all those money transferring apps like Cash, Xoom, gpay, Amazon pay etc.

The largest dollar bill ever produced was in US:

And it’s value is $1,00,000. This was only created to exchange between the banks but not for general use of public. So we never even got a chance to even look at it(rolling eyes).

Did you know Walt Disney world uses it’s own money?

There are about 60 communities in US where they have their own money and when you go to these places you need to use their money instead of generally used currency(Dollars). Walt Disney world is one such place.

“Piggy bank”? where did that originate from?:

It is funny why the money holding jar is made in the form of pig and called piggy bank, right? The origin of the word is from the clay the money holding jars and dishes are made from which is called “Pygg” in old English. Eventually it came to be called as Piggy Bank.


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