Draupadi Cheerharan………… Reasons behind it………..

This is the continuation of my previous post….. Draupadi the Heroine of the epic Mahabharata..

Cheerharan of Draupadi is one of most defacing incident of the Mahabharat. It is also said that this incident had a huge impact which led to one of the greatest battles that ended the Dwapar yug where the armies of pandavas and kauravas are:

Pandavas : 7  Akshouhinis which means around 550 crore
Kauravas : 11 Akshouhinis which means around 800 crore

So lets take a speculation of the that incident

During the early times women(Queens) are not allowed into the halls of court. In such times, happening of Cheerharan,to the empress of Bharat(India) and daughter-in-law of the King(Dhrutarashtra) is very sad and horrific. This incident is a consequence to the previous deeds of the Pandavas and Draupadi and also due to jealousy of Kauravas. The seed of jealousy had been sown when Draupadi swayamvar happened. Like I mentioned in my previous post Draupadi is the most beautiful women of her time and is very wise, educated and moreover was a gift of gods. She is born out of fire not from the womb of a mother because of which she is called yagnasaini. She is copper colored like Krishna, so she is also called Krishnaa. She helped pandavas when they were fix while passing orders or taking decisions. Thus, all of the five pandavas loved her so much. So as i was saying the Swayamvar of Draupadi happened there are only 2 eligible suitors who could pass the test
                                          1. Karn
                                          2. Arjun

Karn is one of the most unfortunate warrior of Mahabharat who though born to Kunti and Son god(Surya) was left in the river of Ganga as Kunti feared of her reputation of having a child before marriage due which he grew up in the hands of charioteer(Suta putra) who belonged to a lower caste. But he is an excellent shooting bow and arrow. We all know that when we know something we like to show it off and get recognition from others. So, even karn wanted to show his talent to everyone and that he has learnt it directly from Bhagvan Prashuram. As in those the caste system is more prevalent than today. Therefore, he was not allowed to compete with Arjun who belonged to Kshtriya(Kings) caste. He was insulted before everyone saying that he is not an eligible match. Due to this he developed a great distaste in Pandavas. Dhuryodhan who saw that the only person who can win over Arjun is Karn made Karn king of a city named Ang to become a friend of him in which he succeeded and thus winning his favor. Karn promised Dhuryodhan that he would win Draupadi and hand her to him so that he could marry her. But according to the rules of Swayamwar in those days nobody is allowed to hand the girl won in it to the other thus making Karn the a suitor. But when Karn takes the bow he is again rejected because he is from lower caste by the people of Kampilya(Kingdom of Drupad). So the Kauravas try to rage a war against the kingdom. To avoid the war against her kingdom she rejects Karn saying that “ill not marry a Suta putra” to which she herself feels bad but she does that to protect her brother Dhrustadhyumn, her father Drupad and her Kingdom. This for the first time sows the seeds of hatred in the minds of Kauravas and Karn.

The second reason is that the property of ancestors of Pandavas and Kauravas had been divided so that they don’t fight and both of them get equal share. But even while sharing the property the Pandavas were given a land that is barren and a forest filled with snakes which they have cleared and built a beautiful place and named their share as IndraPrastha as the Palace and the kingdom was built by Visma Karma who also was said to have built the Heaven for gods and king of Gods Indra. The palace was said to have built with magic and illusion. They have conducted a pooja which declares Yudhistir as emperor of all the Kingdoms which created a jealousy in the heart of Dhuryodhan looking at the palace.

The third reason is that the while looking at the palace he accidentally falls in a water pool which has an illusion of ground. During which a servant of Draupadi laughs which is misunderstood by the  Dhuryodhan as Draupadi herself. Keeping this in mind he later goes back to Hastinapur and builds a palace similar to that of Pandavas and asks them to come over…….

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