Draupadi…… Heroine of the epic Mahabharat…..

Draupadi….is one of the most misinterpreted and amazing characters of the great epic Mahabharata. She is the epitome of feminine gender. It is because we can see in her character the motherly nature, volatility, sexuality and most importantly patience. She is the most beautiful woman of her time and the most desired one. She is the “envy of neighbour’s and pride of the owner’s”. Here is the shloka on her which describes of her beauty and her elegance.

Kumari chapi panchali   Vedimadhya samosthita 
Subhaga darshiniangi     Vedimadhya manorama

Shyama padma palashakshi    Neela kunchita murdhaja 
Manysama vigraham kritva     Saksad amara varniniā€¦ 
Nilotpala samoghandho     Yasaha proshat pravayati 
Ya bibharti param rupam  Yasyah nastyo pama bhuvi 

Kumari chapi panchali   Vedimadhya samosthita 
Subhaga darshiniangi     Vedimadhya manaorama
You can view the meaning of this shloka here
She had to marry 5 men due to the political condition that raised during her time where the word that “whatever her sons bring has to be shared among all the five” from her mother-in-law. Arjun who has stealthily went to Swayamvar of Draupadi had promised to himself that he would whatever her mother says once he wins the beautiful maiden who is world famous. So, since she has already said the words and as there is saying that “A word from the mouth is like a stone from a sling” either they had to obey the order or the remaining four brothers have to leave the city and go for “vanvas“(live in forest) and lead the life of sanyasis(spinsters). Thus, there was lot of chaos in which the outcome was that they all had to marry her to which she had politely agreed though it was heartbreaking for her to live with five men though she loved only Arjun truly out of them. 
She sacrificed her life to save the five pandavas from being separated. Though she married five men she never let jealousy come in between the five brothers and she tied them into one unit. Krishna also said that “the two greatest weapons that im going to use in execution of Mahabharata are Draupadi and Arjun”. Krishna lovingly used to call her “Sakhi” which means friend. She is one of the five pativratas that are famous back in the time. She was an eternal Virgin. This was the boon given to her by the Vyaas Maharshi(great sage) in order for her to be in polyandry. In order for all the five of them to be her husbands they established certain rules that Each one of them will be with her for an year and as no other wife will be allowed into the palace as this was asked by Drupad(father of Draupadi) as she is the common wife she will soon loose her value and respect if other women enter into the men’s life. She on the other hand took a vow that she would enter the sacred funeral pire before she enters into next husband’s home. It is believed in Hindu mythology that fire purifies the soul. Thus, becoming eternal virgin and since she never once talked or compared any of her husbands to the other one and devoted her entire time to the current husband, she became one of the pancha maha satis.
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