Tantric energy and Woman’s sexual energy by Seema Anand

This post is coming after a long time…. It is very special because this is about a person who has deep understanding and researched a lot on Tantric energy which made India mystic for world.

Seema Anand is a storyteller of ancient narratives and has done a lot of research on the epics like Mahabharat, Bhagavadgita etc. of India. She beautifully illustrates the stories of Shiva(lord of death) and Kali(goddess of death also considered as incarnation of Parvati) series. You can find the link here.

She also talks about the what is the actual meaning of Seduction and how it has been misinterpreted over the time and why it is meant to be achieved for a longer and happier life among couples in one of her TedTalks.

She explains these stories in short videos in a very exquisite and non-vulgar way that it really helps to understand what was the original meaning of the part played by the gods in Tantra.

During this time it is very important for us to learn about the meaning and reason why certain practices were being followed in the past. She with her beautiful art of storytelling helps us solve the
mystery in mystic energy of India.

Well…. whether you believe in it or not… if you like stories with magic in them you can follow her to know more. She also recently spoke on Tomorrow’s India Global Summit #TIGS2018.

Will come up with more interesting stories and people…stay tuned…

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