Dangal… Dangal…..

Dangal, the word that is heard all over India today means Wrestling. It is about an athlete Geeta Phogat, who has come from a humble background to a way too far, enough to make India proud. It is also a great example of a man, Mahavir singh Phogat who...

Neerja Bhanot : Youngest Recipient of Ashok Chakra award

Neerja, a name that stands for bravery and beauty and Yes, she received a fitting reward for showing such courage. She received the Ashok Chakra award, which is India’s highest peacetime award that can be given to a person. She is the only “Ordinary” girl who received that extraordinary...

Draupadi Cheerharan………… Reasons behind it………..

This is the continuation of my previous post….. Draupadi the Heroine of the epic Mahabharata.. Cheerharan of Draupadi is one of most defacing incident of the Mahabharat. It is also said that this incident had a huge impact which led to one of the greatest battles that ended the...

Draupadi…… Heroine of the epic Mahabharat…..

Draupadi….is one of the most misinterpreted and amazing characters of the great epic Mahabharata. She is the epitome of feminine gender. It is because we can see in her character the motherly nature, volatility, sexuality and most importantly patience. She is the most beautiful woman of her time and...

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